Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring TT Results

Good Turnout for the 1st of 2 time trials this summer. Trails were in good shape for the first TT of the year. Course included everything but Sara's revenge, Cassie's climb, white knuckle, and far reaches single track. Finish time were faster than what I was expecting. Maybe I'm a bit slower than expected... Anyways finish times are as follows:

Lance A 38:58
Randy P 40:57
Kyle E 42:00
Even H 42:15
Mike D 42:20
Tim I 42:23
Parish M 42.27
Brian E 42:56
Dave H 44:50
Bill S JR 44:50
Jeff S 47:08
Brian V 48:03
Marge O 50:00
Dan W 54:30
Bruce T 55:43
Eric J 1:00:30
Richard 1:07:28
Justin 1:07:56

Some folks might want to compare their time to last years which was pretty much the same course + Sara's revenge.

Keep an eye out for more updates.

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