Monday, August 25, 2008

Trails and Course Work

Well tomorrow is the day of the impromptu time trial. Looks like it should be a great day for it. I am pumped!!

Dave, Evan, and I put in a Indy drop reroute yesterday. It's a really cool piece of DH single track that turned out to be a lot gnarly than I wanted. Figured the best name for a piece of singltrack that tuff would be JRA "Just Riding Along" because of all the people that would use that excuse when bringing bikes and parts into the shops after riding this little section of trail. Tonight was the first time I rode down it. First run went OK but i felt out of control and I just about crapped myself. So being me I figured I would have to hike up to the top for another run at it. The second run was disaster. I got a little loose boinked a rock and my wheel exploded "see bellow" Damn alloy nipples.

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who has put in trail work this year. The trails are in great shape even with the horrible spring we had. I also wanted to plug a trail worked best friend the brush hog. Why can't we give every mall walker or wal-mart walker one of these things and have them do some useful trail work?

Finally I'll leave you with an awesome sunset picture I took in field at the end of timber drive. What a great view!!

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